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It takes 21 days to start a new habit with a good healthy balance lifestyle/food. I’ll tell you my experience from junk-food to alkaline, vegan to recently eat anythings with any restrictions but with no hashtag – After trying all the ways to being present and a better person every single day.

I have a program called Metodo NOW that deals with atomic habits that will change your life.

Enviame un email info@yogaecohealth sin ningún compromiso y analizamos que programa, coach o sesión te puede venir mejor; Ensligh and Spanish speaking.

Yoga – Workshop & Events

It is something you experience when you are reborn again and spiritually awaken. Im here to to guide you. Click to BOOK Classes with some options/session of healing-therapies. Anywhere that you can connect inner-peace. Clases options: You’re here for a reason. Private – Event – Festival – Retreat – Online Program (Si no sabes que sesión debes hacer o elegir: Te facilito a que tengas una llamada gratuita para ver lo que realmente puede venirte bien)

Al principio de la pagina puedes reservar or you can make a booking for private sessions or come to our events.

Shop – Lifestyle Eco Living

First of all if you start with this journey, everything starts from the inside and I’ll reflected outside.

I choose this Lifestyle Eco Living because it makes me feel better every single day, being a minimalism with no need nothing at all and having everything at all- You can spread what you feel in all the ways of your life.

NEW UPDATE 2024 We have new Yoga Mats, Daily Journal, Yoga Clothing coming…

100% natural

Only the finest goes into our products. You deserve it.

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